GOM 3D Metrology Conference 2015

Optical measuring techniques have become a standard in industry and research. This year’s GOM 3D Metrology Conference will show in user presentations, live demonstrations and the accompanying trade show, how optical measuring systems shorten development cycles and improve production processes.


The international conference will take place from 21st to 24th September 2015. The established forum for executives, metrologists and experts from well-known companies and research institutions offers a good opportunity for the exchange of experiences. In addition, the focus will be on the latest hardware and software developments in 3D metrology.

The conference is free to attend and held in Braunschweig, Germany. The conference will be held in English.

conference_2015_home_material-testing_cikkThis Year’s Main Topics: Material & Component Testing

September 21st – 22nd, 2015

The conference will focus on material and component testing, sheet metal forming and 3D motion analysis. Experts from research, development and industry will cover the following topics:

  • Simulation verification
  • Determination of material properties
  • Integration in test stands and test benches
  • Forming analysis
  • Dynamic component behavior

Component Testing in the Aerospace Industry
The aerospace industry increasingly relies on lightweight materials and new material combinations. These materials are analyzed intensively during load, fatigue, structural and aerodynamic testing. Non-contact sensors are fully integrated in test stands and provide information about the behavior of components such as buckling or structural vibration of an aircraft. The measurement data optimize simulation and design processes and thus increase aircraft safety.

Component Testing in the Automotive Industry
Optical measurement systems are used by the automotive industry to increase the safety of occupants and pedestrians. The systems can easily be integrated in standard test stands for wind tunnel, climate chamber and crash testing.

Biomechanics / Medical Testing
Optical 3D metrology is widely used for the dynamic analysis of biomechanical systems such as bones, knees and spines, as well as of implants. The mechanical properties of materials are inspected during strain, load and fatigue testing. Sports goods manufacturers also use optical measuring systems to analyze new material behavior and develop innovative wearables and sports equipment.

Material Testing & Sheet Metal Forming
Knowledge of material characteristics as a reliable input for simulation tools influences the design of components and guarantees product safety. In addition, optical measurement data are widely used for simulation verification. Optical metrology satisfies the different requirements in Americas, Europe and Asia in sheet metal forming as well as for other materials.

conference_2015_home_3D-coordinate-measurement_cikkThis Year’s Main Topics: 3D Coordinate Measurement

September 23rd – 24th, 2015

The conference days will focus on the integration of optical metrology in industrial process chains. Main topics are quality control, inspection and reverse engineering. Presentations and discussions will feature:

  • Improvement of inspection processes
  • Shortening evaluation and inspection times
  • Reliable and traceable results
  • Comprehensive automation solutions
  • Uniform quality standards

Tolerance Management & Certification
3D CAD-based inspection today replaces 2D drawings, with a trend to include all tolerance information directly within the CAD model (FTA / PMI). The inspection language must be understandable for metrology experts but also for CAD engineers, tool & mold and manufacturing departments. GD&T / GPS fulfils this criteria and offers an economic quality control. Hardware certification is also in discussion, comparable with the established procedures for CMMs.

Global Supply Chain Management
OEMs and suppliers split design, development and production facilities over many countries and continents. Thus, organization of process and product quality must work across different nationalities today. The rollout of certified metrology systems and of parametric software enables traceable inspection results and help to sustain product quality within the global supply chain.

Automated Metrology
In response to shorter product life cycles and larger product variety, companies are opting for automated metrology. Inspection systems have to be certified and standardized. At the same time, companies require mobile systems that are adjustable to many different parts and movable to different production lines & plants for quality control.

Manufacturing Process Control & Life Cycle Control
3D metrology can be applied to far more than just to the inspection of final parts. Integrating optical measuring systems at the beginning of the process chain – for example during pattern control or die making – saves time and money within all further manufacturing stages. This shortens delivery times and reduces the number of rejected parts in the sheet metal industry and in casting processes, as well as in airfoil manufacturing for propulsion & power generation.

conference_2015_home_trade-show_cikkTechnical Exhibition 2015

The GOM Conference is also a technical exhibition

The GOM Conference provides insights into the practice of renowned companies. Parallel to the conference, GOM will show the latest hardware and software developments in a technical exhibition. The GOM team will be presenting the systems and software in different applications in a number of live presentations.

Partner companies will offer additional information on CAD/CAM and reverse engineering software, component fixtures and jigs, high-speed cameras and testing machines.

GOM 3D Metrology Conference – Registration

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