GF Machining Solutions’ new LASER 400 solution: perfect aesthetic, functional texturing of precision parts

As the only solution on the market, specifically designed for the aesthetic and functional Laser texturing of precision parts combining the use of a femtosecond laser with five-axis texturing, GF Machining Solutions’ new AgieCharmilles LASER 400 represents the future of texturing. The compact machine concentrates highly accurate performance and repeatable results in a single solution for texturing parts for watches, jewelry, small inserts, cutting tools, and micro machined workpieces.

GF Machining Solutions LASER 400

GF Machining Solutions LASER 400

Infinitely repeatable high performance and quality are hallmarks of the LASER 400, which is available in both three- and five-axis versions. The machine is a solution specifically designed for the production of small parts. Short-run production of complexly shaped parts, molds and dies is easy, thanks to a fully digitized process. All necessary software is included, so texturing with no constraints is a simple plug-and-play matter. The solution’s fully digitized texturing process makes it easy to texture and engrave parts, molds and dies, from design to finished error-free parts. The digital process takes the guesswork out of texturing, engraving, labeling and marking complex 3D parts, and that shortens delivery times and increases profitability.

Modular concept
The modular concept of the LASER 400 includes a patented, all-in-one laser head that can combine two laser sources for texturing and/or engraving the same surface with just one setup. That unique laser head design delivers additional flexibility by making it possible to automatically switch between two laser sources installed in the same laser head. That means users can reduce their running time by combining two texturing operations in the same machine.

No post treatment
The LASER 400 can combine the use of a femtosecond Laser with five-axis texturing and is the first Laser texturing machine offering this exceptional combination in production. Moreover, use of the femtosecond laser means the textured materials do not go through a fusion stage, so the texturing operation is completely burr-free and post-treatment steps are eliminated. Consequently, the user experiences high performance, exceptional quality, and saves both time and money.

With or without a femtosecond laser
With or without a femtosecond laser source, the LASER 400 effortlessly textures and engraves a wide variety of materials: steel, aluminum, graphite, copper and ceramic; adding the femtosecond laser source enables texturing and engraving of glass, sapphire and poly-mers.

What the machine operator sees in the texturing source file is exactly what is reproduced on the final part—over countless iterations.

A footprint of two square meters
Thanks to its compactness, the LASER 400 can easily be transported in an elevator and inte-grated into an existing production line. Texturing efficiency and flexibility are boosted by the machine’s small footprint, ensuring more productivity by square meter. Despite its compact design, the machine has a generous 600 x 400 x 250 mm working area with easy access and process monitoring via two large sliding doors.

Ready for the future
The highly flexible design of the LASER 400 makes it easy for customers to start with the three-axis version and easily, affordably upgrade later to five axes as their business grows. Because the LASER 400 is Automation ready right out of the box, increasing unattended night and weekend running time is a snap. A System 3R pallet changer can be quickly added to ramp up efficiency and flexibility and is especially useful for parts with shorter machining time.