AICON’s stereoSCAN neo: See what you measure!

Scanning the surface of an object and display the deviations from CAD in color directly on the component – this new technology stands behind the ‘neo’ in the name of our white light scanner stereoSCAN neo. A new digital projector allows for this back projection. Thereby, AICON reaches new dimensions of fringe projection.


The stereoSCAN neo is the consistent further development of the classical high-end series stereoSCAN. The two-camera-systems are universally employable thanks to their outstanding mechanical and thermal stability. Even the most delicate structures or minutest deviations are captured quickly and at a maximum level of accuracy. The stereoSCAN neo sets new standards in fringe projection.

The principle “See what you measure”

The SWYM-technology allows to visualize measuring results directly on the object for the first time. Through the adaptive color projection, the scanning patterns are projected onto the surface in color. Even the measurement results can be visualized. Deviations to CAD can e. g. be displayed in color directly after the measurement on the object surface.


This method opens completely new opportunities for the user. The SWYM-technology makes it easy to measure and display deviations of the component surface quickly and precisely, e.g. in tool and mold making or modelling. With the help of the projected deviations, corrections on the object can be directly carried out. Even in inspection tasks, deviations can be visualized and problems be solved immediately.