3D Systems Upgrades Best-Selling Sense 3D Scanner with New Software

3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) announced today the Sense Plus software upgrade for its best-selling consumer 3D scanner, SenseTM, making it faster and easier than ever to capture, edit, share and print real-world objects in 3D. Free to existing users, the new Sense Plus software increases scan capture speed by 3X to 25 frames per second while significantly improving tracking for a smoother scan experience. The new software also includes enhanced color editing features and is available in 3DS’ 12 standard languages for its consumer offerings. The software upgrade is available for download on the company’s consumer destination for all things 3D, Cubify®.

Sense is the only 3D scanner to deliver precise, instant physical photography in full color, so everyone can capture his or her scanable moments. Sense has a flexible scan size and can capture everything from a picture-perfect cupcake to a full-body selfie, processing data in seconds for an instantly 3D printable file. An intuitive interface makes it easy to scan and edit 3D printable files of objects large and small, while integration with Cubify and the Cube® 3D printer provides a complete path from physical to digital, and back again.

Sense is easy to use and easy to purchase, priced at $399 and available on Cubify as well as national retailers including select Best Buy stores and BestBuy.com.


Product Features:

Physical to digital and back again: Sense scans are 3D print ready and can be exported as a watertight STL or PLY file, with full integration with Cubify and your Cube and CubePro® 3D printers. Scans can be uploaded directly for cloud printing with a variety of materials on Cubify, or sent directly to a 3D printer.

Fastest scanner in its class: Sense scans at 25 frames per second (FPS), 3X faster than previous versions.

Seamless experience from start to finish: Newly enhanced tracking capabilities for a smoother scanning experience.

For your life on the go: Handheld mobility gives users the freedom to scan spontaneously, from anywhere. The Sense is mobile scanning compatible with the Microsoft SurfaceTM Pro 2 tablet.

Scan small, scan large, scan it all: The Sense has the most diverse scan range in its class with auto-optimized settings for objects ranging in size from a baseball to a compact car, from human heads to full bodies; and scenes as large as 10 feet tall and wide.

Zero-in on what matters: Automatic object recognition extracts precise targets from the busiest of backgrounds, scanning only the objects selected.

Edit confidently: Powered by 3DS’ proprietary Geomagic® software, the Sense update is intuitive, fast, accurate and easy to use. Scans process in seconds and can be cropped, enhanced and solidified for printables in just minutes. The new edition of Sense Plus software includes an enhanced color editing tool for targeted brightness and contrast. No design experience is necessary.

Mash-up your world: Merge scans in Cubify Sculpt™, the ultimate consumer software for editing STLs, mash-ups and organic modeling. Full integration between the Sense and Cubify Sculpt gives users the creative freedom to import scans and combine them with other favorite designs.

More languages for the global audience: Sense can be used in any of the 12 languages offered by other 3DS consumer apps, including Spanish, French and Simplified Chinese.

Watch a video here to see the Sense in action.

Learn more about 3DS’ commitment to manufacturing the future today at and www.3dsystems.com and the company’s consumer offerings at www.cubify.com.

Source 3dsystems.com