Intelligent Cheat Sheets for Engineers

Storing and managing of digital documents simplified

“Currently available software solutions in the range of knowledge management are barely fitting the needs of modern engineering offices regarding efficiency and usability. It was our goal to offer an easy-to-understand solution for compiling digital documents and templates.” says Veit Christoph, founder and CEO of Veit Christoph GmbH.


Incorporated into its smart engineering software VCmaster, Veit Christoph GmbH, an independent software developer based in Germany, offers a simple and easy-to-understand opportunity to compile technical documents thematically as well as describe them individually. “The engineer is empowered to make notes quickly and comfortably and link them to various other data already created.” says Veit Christoph, The user can add explanatory texts, instructions for use or other comments. “The innovation lies in the fact, that not only the data format, but also the storage location can be selected without any restrictions.” explains Veit Christoph. The Wikis are based on the well-known word-processing technology. So-called hyperlinks connect the various compiled documents. A VCmaster Wiki can create links to any given file format. The program allows for several storage options for the created pieces of information, e.g. hard drive, local network or a cloud.

VCmaster Wikis are very versatile. They can be used for:

a collection of calculation templates for a specific application text documents containing norms or guidelines references to manufacturers guidelines, bibliographical references or calculation charts.

“Using a Vcmaster Wiki to compose all this information helps engineers to optimize their time and energy for more complicated tasks.” states Veit Christoph.

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