3D Systems Presents Global Seminar Series to Educate and Inspire Businesses to Manufacture the Future Now

  • 3DSystems_logoDiscover how 3D printing is disrupting the manufacturing paradigm and how it can yield savings and shortened design windows
  • See first-hand demonstrations of 3DS printing technologies and applications
  • Builds upon 2014’s popular, successful 3DPRINTING 2.0 seminar series

3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) announced today a comprehensive seminar series to give businesses, entrepreneurs, educators, designers and other professionals a look at how 3D printing is changing manufacturing and to provide insights on the power of 3D printing in their own design-to-manufacture workflows. The seminars—hundreds worldwide with new locations posted weekly—will include demonstrations of the company’s latest 3D printers, design solutions and advanced materials that are at the core of a present-day manufacturing revolution. On the heels of last year’s seminars, totaling 600+, the 2015 seminar series consists of a number of regional events through December 2015 at reseller locations around the world. Each seminar will provide information pertaining to a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, healthcare, consumer products and more.

3Dsystems_event“Last year’s seminar series was a resounding success. By partnering with 3D Systems, we have access to the widest spectrum of 3D printing technologies for a broad range of applications, from desktop prototyping to full-scale manufacturing,” said Dale Ford, President and CEO of Hawk Ridge Systems. “Again this year, we’re pleased to be a part of this global effort to champion 3D printing and help our clients create 3D printing-enhanced workflows.”

This seminar series will provide a close look at the diversity and power of 3DS’ 3D printers, as 3DS authorized resellers demonstrate many new products such as industrial-grade, professional full-color, and desktop 3D printers as well as advanced materials. Attendees will see how 3D printing spans the entire design and manufacturing process, including its use in:

  • Quick, vibrant full-color concept models to convey design intent
  • Functional prototypes to test ideas and improve product quality
  • Pre-production tooling and parts to quickly get to market
  • Production parts that are lighter weight, higher performing, simpler and more reliable
  • Personalized healthcare solutions, including surgical guides and medical models.

“Each seminar is a great opportunity to experience a technology that’s transforming how we make, how we manufacture, how we convey ideas, and even how we play and learn.” said Michele Marchesan, Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer, Professional Products, 3DS. “We want to help our customers find the right balance of 3D printing capabilities to drive them into a successful future.”

Register for the seminars and learn more about 3DS’ commitment to manufacturing the future today here.

Source 3D Systems