Turning slender components made more secure

Sandvik Coromant unveils CoroTurn 107® with high-pressure, high-precision nozzles

SAN818Slender components present numerous challenges including long chips, vibration and deflection. As a result, tooling system specialist Sandvik Coromant is introducing HP high-precision coolant to its range of CoroTurn® 107 cutting units to minimize the risk of insert breakages, chip jamming and machine stoppages.

First choice tooling
CoroTurn 107 is the first choice for external and internal turning of small, long and slender components. Sharp cutting edges and excellent chip control ensure a soft cutting action and low cutting forces, providing excellent surface finish.

For use with new high-pressure Coromant Capto units, coolant pressure of up to 200 bar can now be applied (the pressure limit with standard Capto clamping is 80 bar). In combination with high-precision nozzles, the system offers benefits for the operator in that there are fewer problems with long chips, and advantages for the management team thanks to fewer production stops and improved tool life or higher cutting speed.

Multiple applications
Designed for wet turning operations, especially in HRSA (ISO S) and stainless steel materials (ISO M), the system works well in both high-volume and flexible production featuring mixed materials and/or batch sizes. Customers in sectors such as aerospace, automotive, energy and general engineering will benefit in all finishing to semi-finishing operations.

In total, 48 new items are being introduced across Coromant Capto coupling sizes C3 to C6, in CoroTurn 107 insert shapes C, D, R and V.

Source sandvik.coromant.com