Yearly Archives: 2015

Nothing beats a great template

With its intelligent engineering software VCmaster, Veit Christoph GmbH, a software developer based in Germany, offers engineers an intuitive concept for efficient technical calculations.

Excel Csepel Kft’s Participation in EMO 2015 Exhibition in Milan

It is a significant milestone in Csepel Machine Tool Factory’s history that after a very long time and having omitted 14 years, it was capable again to come out with and expose an in-house built machine tool at the world\’s largest machine tool exhibition in Milan.

Honing of cylinder bores on SPECHT

For the integration of honing technology on the SPECHT series an adjusting spindle with electromechanical drawbar has been developed.

AutoScan Collaborative Gauge

AutoScan Collaborative Gauge brings automated dimensional gauging outside the fence so production operators and collaborative robots can share a common workspace and perform tasks simultaneously during manufacturing operations.