Seco X4 stabilises small parts machining

Perfect for small-part manufacturers, the Seco X4 multi-edge system meets the industry’s demand for grooving and parting-off tools with narrow cutting edges. Most recently, the company added smaller shanks to the short-reach system so that it can accommodate an even broader range of machining applications such as Swiss parts.

The X4 consists of indexable tangential inserts with three-dimensional chipbreakers and a highly stable clamp design. These strong, dependable system components achieve high accuracy, repeatability, productivity and surface quality in external grooving and parting-off operations involving small parts, slim bars and tubes made from a wide variety of common materials.

The system’s MC chipbreaker inserts cover cutting-edge widths from 0.5 mm to 3 mm and cutting depths between 2.6 mm and 6.5 mm. Maximum bar diameter for cut off varies from 5.2 mm to 13 mm in diameter, depending on insert width. Insert profiles are available in neutral and angled right-handed and left-handed versions.

Flat profiles, designated R and FG, with positive rakes are also available. Featuring a round profile, the R-style inserts for grooving and profiling have cutting edges with widths that range from 1 mm to 3 mm.The FG-style inserts cover groove widths from 1.15 mm and 2.65 mm and can machine lock-ring grooves to DIN471, DIN472, SMS1581 and MS1582 standards.

In terms of insert grades, the X4 system uses CP500 for increased wear resistance in challenging cutting scenarios and CP600 for a combination of toughness and wear resistance in general machining applications.

An upper clamp rigidly holds the inserts, and it is possible to fasten and release the clamping screw from the top or bottom. X4 toolholders come in a wide variety of shank sizes, including 1212, 1616, 2020 and 2525 as well as Seco-Capto™ C4, C5 and C6. The newest 1212 and 1616 shanks with a compact toolholder head design bring the reliability and value of the X4 system to small sliding head machines, where there is a need for small holders with cutting edges of narrow widths. Particularly advantageous is the fact that one toolholder works for all X4 insert types, allowing for a reduction in tooling inventory.

All X4 toolholders, except for the toolholder head design for the 1212 shanks, incorporate Seco’s Jetstream Tooling® Duo technology that has coolant outlets from both the clamp and underneath the insert to further enhance productivity, lengthen tool life and improve chip control. By delivering coolant from two outlets to optimum points in the cutting and heat zones, Jetstream Tooling Duo contributes to efficient cooling, ideal chip formation and high part quality.

Source Seco Tools