CoroTurn® SL cutting heads now feature CoroTurn HP

High precision nozzles put coolant pressure exactly where it’s required

Sandvik Coromant has announced that its CoroTurn® SL cutting heads now feature CoroTurn HP (high precision) nozzles that direct cutting fluid precisely where it is needed – at the exact interface between the tool and the workpiece. This innovation ensures CoroTurn SL users can be assured of reliable chip breaking, which facilitates both good chip evacuation and extended tool life in back-boring operations.

CoroTurn SL600

CoroTurn SL600

The extended product range offer includes cutting heads for coolant up to 70 bar pressure. Designed to suit back-boring operations with clearance between body and component, the heads are available in 25 and 40 mm sizes, to suit positive D and V style inserts.

CoroTurn® SL is a universal and modular system of adaptors with exchangeable cutting heads where customers can build customized tools for a variety of machining applications. The ingenious Serration Lock (SL) interface is extremely robust and lets users create a range of tool combinations from a small inventory of adaptors and cutting heads: just three bars and three heads allow up to nine different configurations. What’s more, CoroTurn SL cutting heads have four stages of offset up to 23 mm. This enables reach and the largest possible boring bar diameter, making it ideal for challenging operations in the aerospace and oil and gas industries, such as bottle boring (also called chamfer boring). Here, SL adaptors are ideal in combination with Silent Tools™ dampened boring bars for operations with long overhangs or vibration tendencies.

The CoroTurn HP fixed, pre-directed high precision nozzles featured on the new heads deliver parallel laminar jets of coolant with high velocity. While positive effects start at low coolant pressure, more demanding workpiece materials can be machined as the pressure climbs.

Ultimately, for efficient coolant delivery, Sandvik Coromant offers solutions all the way from the machine to the cutting edge, through clamping units, adaptors and holders – empowered of course by dedicated insert geometries.