BW New MCµ series: MCµ 900 exhibited on the AMB 2014  

BURKHARDT+WEBER introduce the new ultra precise MCµ series, exhibiting the MCµ 900 machining center with jig mill accuracies.

The MCμ 900 is an ultra-precise machining center for closest tolerance machining in the machine tool industries, the optics industry, the aerospace industries, and other industries requiring similar demanding precision metal removal tasks.

The machine bed and the machine column have a high thermal inertia and are actively temperature controlled, either cooled or heated. The hysteresis is less ±0.5 degrees. All drives, the control panel, hydraulics, and other head sources are water to water cooled and thus achieve highest thermal stability without generating heat inside the air-conditioned environment. With 32 kW (S1) and 6,000 rpm, the precision spindle unit is directly driven by a hollow shaft motor achieving a perfect concentricity without vibrations, to deliver the best surface quality achievable.


The entire machine geometry is produced by selected experts, the best in their field, working in a fully air-conditioned environment when creating a durable precision by scraping and ongoing fine-tuning towards their final result. The components are generously sized, and the quality of purchased components are the best available on the market, to ensure excellent long-term accuracy for many years to come.

In regards to the angular- and positioning accuracies, the MCμ is more like a measuring machine you can cut chips with. And the elaborate final acceptance protocol certifies the ultra-precision results of all the machine geometries and accuracies, together with a record of the 72 hour endurance testing.

The MCμ series consists of: the MCμ 750 (swing = D1,400mm / 55.2inch); the MCμ800 (D1,500mm / 27.1inch); the MCμ 900 (D1,700mm / 30.7inch); the MCμ 1000 (D2,200mm / 86.6 inch); and the MCμ 1200 (D2,800mm / 110.3inch). With this new MCμ series all the knowledge gained over decades by the BURKHARDT+WEBER experts is combined into this final result of an ultra-precision machining center series. So at the end the μ (Micron) remains.