Precimaster™ Plus – Accuracy and adaptability in reaming

Seco’s new generation Precimaster Plus modular, indexable-head reaming system provides accuracy and part processing versatility. Through a selection of various reamer shanks and heads, users can accommodate a variety of hole sizes and workpiece materials with fewer required tools. Additionally, new system design enhancements boost reaming speed, precision and repeatability for overall better production. With the system, industries such as aerospace and automotive gain extreme process stability and dependability paired with the lowest cost per part.


precimasterplus_cikkPrecimaster Plus now uses solid-carbide disposable heads up to diameter 32 mm, coated and uncoated, in various diameters that mount to a standard range of shanks. As opposed to traditional brazed-tip technology, solid-carbide heads allow for an increased number of cutting teeth on the same head diameters for faster feed rate capability. Solid carbide also extends tool life, delivers increased stability for tougher materials and makes for a more cost-effective system.

A new Precimaster Plus patented high-precision connection ensures reamer head exchanges are fast and easy with repositioning repeatability and runout of under 3 microns. The new connection handles much higher levels of transmissible driving torque due to its special threevertical- drive-pin design. Internal axial clamping forces draw heads up and into system shanks, creating a strong and secure interface. Users gain the confidence and dependability to run any reamer head with any shank and for any material.

For chip control and management, Precimaster Plus reamer shanks can apply different types of flushing for both blind and through holes. Tool body coolant outlets in the front force chips up along head flutes and out of blind holes, while standard through-tool coolant blasts chips forward and away from the tool for efficient through-hole reaming.


  • New connection provides head exchange repeatability and runout within 3 microns
  • Solid carbide heads offer stability and 20% to 30% tool life increase
  • More cutting teeth per head diameter enable 30% faster feed rates
  • Surface finishes of Ra .4 to Ra .8 can be achieved at same feed per teeth per revolution as heads with fewer flutes
  • Hole size tolerances held to between 15 microns and 25 microns (.0006″ and .001″)
  • Same tool shanks and heads used for both through and blind hole coolant requirements
  • Various lead geometries and grades ensure optimised performance for all workpiece materials


  • Reaming head diameters from 10 mm to 60 mm
  • 4 standard shank sizes to hold entire reaming head range
  • Shank length options of short (restricted clearance situations), medium (common hole depths) and long (up to 10 x D)
  • 3 lead geometries – EB45 45º x 0.5 mm (universal), EB25 25º x 0.7 mm (aggressive feed) and EB845 double lead angle 45º/8º x 0.75 mm (fine finish)
  • 5 reamer head grades – 2 coated carbide, 1 coated cermet, 1 uncoated carbide and 1 uncoated cermet


Source Seco Tools