P2lean Putting the smart into machine

The bending in general and, more specifically, the panel bending, is nowadays a central topic  since improving efficiency downstream from the cutting process plays a fundamental role in improving productivity. Salvagnini is aware of this and as usual has come up with a timely response in the shape of the innovative P2lean panel bender. Once again, with this machine, Salvagnini is revolutionizing traditional manufacturing concepts, extending the panel bender’s typical range of application and pushing the boundaries of traditional bending potential.

P2lean: the new bending solution.

P2lean: the new bending solution.

The P2lean is essentially a sheet metal processing centre capable of producing a wide range of items, making it a great tool for anyone, even businesses who have never contemplated the panel bender as their ideal type of bending machine.

With a number of improvements and innovative solutions making this a unique machine, the new P2lean panel bender actually offers completely different prospects to the previous model. Take, for example, the proprietary MAC2.0 technology that allows the machine to adapt in-process; or the CLA SIM device for automatic auxiliary bending blade composition, a solution that boosts the machine’s versatility and allows it to produce parts that are completely different from each other in sequence, one after another, even when dealing with complicated parts.

Even the bending unit has some exciting new features: the blankholder tool clamping system is pneumatic, thus eliminating the risk of oil dripping onto the sheets being processed; the bending tool profile has also been revised so that it’s possible to make return bends up to 55 mm; the ground-breaking blades allow to bend greater thicknesses of up to 3.2 mm for steel, 2,5 mm for stainless steel and 4 mm for aluminium.

There are plenty of new features making the P2lean an attractive option for new fields of application that were hitherto unthinkable for a panel bender: the UPEMB, for example, is a special engraved tool that even lets you process parts with embossing on the surface; or the DPM sucker device that works in concert with the machine’s manipulator in the production of small slim profiles. This is another form of efficiency.

The P2lean is also perfectly in line with market expectations when it comes to energy consumption: in today’s budget-conscious climate, companies keep a keen eye on any cost item linked to production and with an average energy  consumption of 5 kW at normal operating speed, it offers what is without a doubt one of the lowest ratings around. This is a direct consequence of the machine’s new electric actuator, and the new finite element analysis of the structure.

“Salvagnini decided to set a new technological benchmark with this machine, but for bending rather than for panel bending since this machine is best described as a flexible, safe, reliable and fully automatic centre. All the features that the P2lean incorporates – from automatic sheet centering and handling to sheet thickness measuring with the manipulator and recognition of the material’s tensile strength based on which spring-back is calculated along with relevant compensation during bending – ensure optimum bending results from the very first part. This makes the P2lean a smart machine that banishes waste, and this is what efficiency is all about. The first part is good, I can guarantee it” was the further comment from Tommaso Bonuzzi, who demonstrates enviable conviction as he enthuses about the P2lean.

Source Salvagnini Group