Seco’s new-generation Jabro®-Solid2 endmills offer higher productivity gains

These endmills are coated with a new NXT coating application process as well as feature optimised geometries and special edge preparations to achieve longer tool life and higher cutting speeds than the products they replace.


While the NXT coating features a titanium aluminium nitrite (TiAIN) composition, the way in which Seco applies the coating represents a significant advancement in tool development. The application process generates a single layer via three steps that control and optimise the growth of the coating at the atomic level. The resulting properties offer more chip, heat and wear resistance over previous product versions, while also making tool life even more predictable.

Jabro-Solid2 comprises a full scope of endmill geometries, types and sizes via three different series: 510 series square endmills with 46-degree helix angles and improved cutting edge micro geometries; 520 series multi-flute endmills with special edge preparations for fast, cost effective general machining; 530 series ball nose endmills in two, three and four flutes. Jabro-Solid2 endmills are available in DIN total lengths and diameters that range from 1 mm to 25 mm and 3/64″ to 1″.

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Source Seco Tools