Flat out process improvements at EuroBLECH

Sheet metal machinery specialist, Amada, will be showing a plethora of new and recent technology introductions at the forthcoming EuroBLECH 2014 exhibition (21-25 October, Hanover, Germany) that are designed to offer customers significant competitive gain in all aspects of the component fabrication process.



Visitors to the 23rd edition of EuroBLECH, the world’s largest sheet metal working technology exhibition, will find Amada in Hall 12 on stand numbers D06 and F06. At the show, Amada will focus on solutions that do not consider systems in isolation but in relationship to the entire production process. Here, lasers, robots and software all have an equally important role to play.

Beginning with fibre laser technology, Amada will present a milestone in energy efficiency and performance in the form of its new ENSIS. Just 2 kW of laser output is now enough to manufacture mild steel products that in the past could only be manufactured using a 4 kW laser.

The secret behind this exciting development lies in the ability to modulate the laser beam (flexibly) as a function of sheet thickness. In particular, when used in combination with a high performance automation system, the ENSIS offers noticeable results in terms of both economy and ecology. EuroBLECH will also provide Amada with the opportunity to demonstrate the advantages of fibre laser welding technology using its innovative, expanded range of FLW welding cells.

Integration is among the key Amada themes at EuroBLECH this year, which in short means combining multiple processes within a single system solution. Amada will present just such a platform in the shape of its LC-C1 AJ, which brings together processes such as punching, fibre laser machining, automation and tool management. Live demonstrations at EuroBLECH will show just what productivity benefits this makes possible.

Similar integration trends are taking place in the bending arena, where it is the association of robots and software solutions that are making production more efficient. Three fully automated bending cells on the Amada stand will demonstrate that the use of robots brings about an enormous gain in flexibility and dramatic time savings, even when processing small batches.

Finally, Amada will be taking a look into the future by giving visitors a glimpse of the company’s new VPSS 3i software package. VPSS 3i is an intelligent, integrated and interactive software environment that acts as the ‘centre’ for the entire production process. The dimensioning of the final assembly is the starting point, after which the system anticipates all blanking, bending and welding operations, thus avoiding mistakes or quality issues on the final product. Don’t miss this new step towards the digital sheet metal factory of the future.

Source Amada Group