With the full force of cooperation

DMG MORI presents itself to its customers as the biggest exhibitor at the AMB with the full force of cooperation. The world market leader is exhibiting a total of 46 high-tech machines over an area of more than 2,000 m2, all with the new DMG MORI design, and 29 of which with CELOS. The highlights are the three world premieres: The new vertical machining centre DMC 1450 V, the 4th generation of the 5-axis universal machine DMU 125 P duoBLOCK® and the LASERTEC 45 Shape for high-precision 3D laser material removal and texturing in a new dimension. DMG MORI is also exhibiting four European premieres in the form of a completely new machine concept for flexible series production with the i 50, the NTX 1000 2nd Generation Turn & Mill machining centre and the 2nd generation NHX 4000 and NHX 5000 horizontal centres. As well as the high-tech machines that are on show, the subject of automation will also play a major part: DMG MORI system is exhibiting a representative range of manufacturing solutions from a single source at the AMB – from the machine-integrated solution to flexible manufacturing cells and systems to turnkey projects for the mass production of engine components in the automotive industry. 

AMB-DMG-Mori Seiki

Highlights of DMG MORI at AMB in Stuttgart

  • CELOS – From idea to finished product
  • 3 world premieres: DMC 1450 V, DMU 125 P duoBLOCK® 4th Generation
  • and the LASERTEC 45 Shape
  • 4 European premieres: The 2nd generation of the NTX 1000, NHX 4000 and NHX 5000 and the new i 50
  • DMG MORI Systems – 7 integrated system solutions from the comprehensive portfolio, from machine-integrated automation to engine component production lines
  • The latest technologies and applications for the aerospace, automotive,
  • die & mould and high-speed cutting areas
  • 5 machines from the production and automatic turning area – including the new SPRINT 20 | 5 for short and long turning of workpieces up to 20 x 600 mm
  • ​Services and service products of the DMG MORI LifeCycle Services

CELOS – From idea to finished product

CELOS from DMG MORI simplifies and accelerates the process, from idea to finished product. CELOS APPs provide the user with integrated management, documentation and visualization of order, process and machine data. In order to do this, CELOS combines workshop structures and higher-order corporate structures – to the extent of potential interactive communication in global production environments – and therefore creates the basis for digitised, paperless manufacturing. In addition, CELOS is compatible with PPS and ERP systems, it can be networked with CAD/CAM applications and is ready for trendsetting CELOS APP expansions. CELOS therefore becomes a key element for networked, intelligent production and is a major step in the direction of Industry 4.0.


This is also shown by the initial installations on the market, as the exemplary statement made by Lothar Horn, managing director of carbide tool company Paul Horn GmbH explains. He describes CELOS as the major step in the direction of paperless manufacturing, since all data and documentation is stored in electronic format, both complete and structured, and then emphasises: “My machines are now fully integrated in the company organisation, and predefined workflows are possible for the employees across all machines. Because of the intuitive operation and the unlimited possibilities for connecting and producing additional APPs, CELOS is the future”.

Highlights of CELOS

  • CELOS simplifies and accelerates the process from idea to finished product
  • A uniform user interface for all new high-tech machines from DMG MORI.
  • 30 % faster to the product by reducing the number of interfaces between the workshop and higher-order company structures
  • CELOS increases the overall profitability of manufacturing, and also that of the company-wide process chain

World premiere – DMC 1450 V
Now complete in four sizes with unique machine concept for additional output and precision 

Together with its smaller siblings DMC 650 V, DMC 850 V and DMC 1050 V, the new DMC 1450 V takes the performance of the vertical machining centres of DMG MORI to new dimensions. The unique machine concept with its travelling column design with top-mounted carriage unit and the 28 % bigger linear guides and 25 % bigger ball-screw spindles are the main reasons why this product line is the “Best in Class”, creating the perfect framework conditions for maximum stability in the process. In the meantime, the innovative thermal management with cooling of the ball-thread nuts and guides in all three linear axes provides maximum accuracy at the component.


The DMC 1450 V operates with travel distances of 1450 × 700 × 550 mm. The uniqueness claim is again highlighted here, particularly due to having the longest X-axis in this class. In combination with the large fixed table with its clamping surface of 1700 x 750 mm, and because of the load-bearing capacity of 2000 kg, a comprehensive range of parts is possible. Like the smaller sizes, the standard DMC 1450 V uses a 14,000 rpm spindle with 121 Nm of torque, rapid traverse speeds of up to 36 m/min and a tool magazine with 20 pockets.  Like the entire series, the DMC 1450 V can be optionally upgraded with an SK50 spindle with 303 Nm or a tool magazine with 120 pockets in a task-optimized way.

All DMC V machines are now available with CELOS from DMG MORI with 21.5″ ERGOline® and SIEMENS. Alternatively there are those of the product line with the 19″ ERGOline® with HEIDENHAIN TNC640 and Operate 4.5 on SIEMENS 840D solutionline.

Highlights of the new DMC V model series

  • Powerful standard equipment –
  • basic spindle with 14,000 rpm / 121 Nm, 36 m/min rapid traverse
  • SK50 spindle with 303 Nm (optional)
  • Tool magazine with up to 120 pockets
  • Workpiece weight up to 2000 kg
  • 30 % higher accuracy thanks to cooling of the drives and guideways
  • With the experience of more than 10,000 vertical machining centres sold


World premiere – DMU 125 P duoBLOCK® 4th Generation
30 % higher component accuracy by means of intelligent temperature management

The new DMU 125 P duoBLOCK® sets a new standard in 5-axis machining with precision, performance and efficiency that is 30 % better. The 5-axis magazine provides maximum cutting performance and precision with high dynamics because of the high-stability duoBLOCK® design. From extremely hard materials such as titanium to the highest  surface quality demands. Like all 4th generation duoBLOCK® machines, the DMU 125 P duoBLOCK® also provides the best prerequisites for universal precision cutting, from aerospace to tool and mould construction.


This is made possible by a comprehensive range of cooling measures, among other things. For example, the motors of the B and C axes, the gearbox of the C-axis, the motor spindle and the headstock housing are cooled in the standard version with ThermoControl. An optional accuracy package also gives all drive motors, linear guides, ball thread drives, bearings and nuts (in X, Y and Z respectively) targeted thermal management.

Highlights of the DMU 125 P duoBLOCK®

  • Performance: up to 30 % more rigidity for maximum cutting performance
  • Efficiency: up to 30 % energy consumption reduction by means of units controlled in accordance with requirements already in standard version
  • Maximum flexibility and shortest machining times thanks to the new B-axis with 20 % more rigidity and integrated cable track
  • Fast and intelligent wheel magazine that achieves 0.5 second tool changeover times and holds up to 453 tools while requiring the smallest possible footprint

World premiere – LASERTEC 45 Shape
High-precision 3D laser cutting and texturing in a new dimension

As the successor to the LASTERTEC 40 Shape, the new LASERTEC 45 Shape scores top marks for variability, productivity, precision and ease of operation. As well as the extended travel distances, the bigger worktable and the heavier workpiece weights, the significant process improvements are particularly impressive. The highlight in this respect is the unique interaction between the precision optics and the machine axes, of which there can be up to 5. Depending on the technology and the material, this means that the wall angle can now be reduced to a minimum of 5°. The well-tried optional S-optics also provides optimised surface quality by means of contour-parallel finishing. The actual laser removal takes place in horizontal layers. The thickness thereof is between 0.3 and 10 µm depending on the laser settings.


The price is even more impressive, at 109,900 Euros for the 3-axis version. An optional swivel / round table with torque technology provides a considerable amount of freedom in 5-axis simultaneous machining. The new LASERTEC 45 immediately becomes the number one choice as soon as engraving and inscriptions are required (also in deeper 3D contours) or filigree cavities need to be produced in technical miniature moulds for tool/mould making, the toy industry, electronics and lifestyle in a process-reliable and reproducible way with maximum quality and without tool wear. This also applies to the manufacturers of pressing dies and embossing and reforming tools or when textures are required in injection moulding moulds for the automotive area, blow moulds or electronics, particularly since there are also few restrictions with regard to material. Tool steel, copper, graphite and carbide can just as easily be machined as workpieces made from CBN, PKD, ceramics, titanium, aluminium, brass, bronze, silver and also gold with the beam of the fibre laser.

Highlights of the LASERTEC 45 Shape

  • Up to twice the removal rate thanks to the new precision scanner optics
  • 5-axis laser simultaneous machining possible due to integrated swivel / rotary axis with torque motors (optional)
  • 80 % bigger working area with same footprint and 3 times the dynamics with 60 m / min rapid traverse (compared to LASERTEC 40)
  • Siemens 840D solutionline with 15″ Touch Screen: Direct programming at the
  • controller possible

European premiere – NHX 4000 | NHX 5000 2nd Generation
Horizontal machining centres with maximum stability, precision and dynamics

Following their world premiere at the IMTS in Chicago, DMG MORI is also exhibiting two compact and dynamic horizontal machining centres for highly-efficient series manufacture in mechanical and systems engineering through to mass production in the automotive industry, for example, to the European specialist public at the AMB in the form of the NHX 4000 2nd generation and the NHX 5000 2nd generation. The unique feature of these new developments is the extreme stability because of the robust bed design in combination with the large spindle bearings and the high clamping force of the table or the palette. Another decisive differentiation feature is the speedMASTER spindle, which was jointly developed within the scope of the cooperation. In the standard version, it operates at 15,000 rpm with torque of 111 Nm and output of 21 kW, and is optionally available as a high-torque version with the same speed and torque of 200 Nm or as a high-speed version with speed of up to 20,000 rpm. The new spindle also has an impressive warranty period of 10,000 hours.


The standard version of the new NHX series of the 2nd generation has a direct drive table with DDM® technology with up to 100 rpm and direct measuring systems from MAGNESCALE in all axes. The design thereof has also been optimised for the use of shorter tools. The distance from the spindle nose to the centre of the palette, which has been minimised to 70 mm, therefore provides greater stability in the process and gives the tool a longer service life. Furthermore, the new NHX machines have all of the advantages of the new joint DMG MORI design and unique controller intelligence for the quickest route from idea to finished product thanks to CELOS.


Highlights of the NHX 4000 | NHX 5000 2nd Generation

  • High dynamics for the shortest chip-to-chip times of up to 2.2 sec.:
  • 1 / 1 / 1 g (NHX 4000) or 1 / 1 / 0.8 g (NHX 5000); up to 96 m/min rapid traverse, 60 m/min in the standard version; 35 % higher dynamic stability
  • Maximum cutting performance due to the new speedMASTER spindle: 15,000 rpm, max. 111 Nm / 21 kW (40 % ED); optional 15,000 rpm high-torque version with up to
  • 200 Nm or 20,000 rpm high-speed version
  • Direct Drive table (DDM®), with up to 100 rpm for the fastest positioning times of 0.8 sec. with the NHX 4000, or 1.38 sec. for the NHX 5000
  • Optimum chip flow because of steeply pitched covers in the working area and robust panelling of the Y-axis with “Pantograph” design
  • CELOS with MAPPS on MITSUBISHI for maximum user-friendliness and increased profitability in manufacturing

European premiere – NTX 1000 of the 2nd Generation
Highly-efficient Mill & Turn machining centre with maximum stability and high volumetric accuracy

The 2nd generation of the NTX 1000 is a highly-efficient Turn & Mill machining centre with the smallest footprint of its class that is therefore ideal for components up to 800 mm in length and with a diameter of up to 430 mm from medical engineering or the aerospace industry, the watchmaking industry or the electronics industry. Original technologies such as DDM® und BMT® make it possible to have high-precision and efficient machining. In this way, an acetabulum with a diameter of 60 mm made from titanium can be machined in just 7.5 minutes, and a jet engine blade made from Iconell 600 with dimensions of diam. 40 x 120 is literally ready for deployment after about three hours.

A special feature of the NTX 1000 is the bigger Z-axis of 800 mm and the Y travel distance of 210 mm for off-centre machining. Then there is the powerful B-axis with a swivelling range of ± 120° as the basis for complex 5-axis simultaneous machining with speeds of up to 12,000 rpm in the standard version (optionally 20,000 rpm). In combination with the (optional) lower 10-way revolver and its directly driven tools (10,000 rpm), 4-axis machining and simultaneous machining at the main spindle and the counter spindle is also possible. The performance capability is rounded off with the new DMG MORI design with ERGOline® Control and CELOS for the quickest route from idea to finished product. From a control point of view, as well as Operate 4.5 on the SIEMENS 840D solutionline, the NTX 1000 will also be available with FANUC 31iB from November 2014 onwards.


Highlights of the NTX 1000 of the 2nd Generation

  • 5-axis simultaneous machining of complex workpieces, e.g. for the medical, aerospace or automotive industry, by means of the Direct Drive Motor (DDM®) in the B-axis
  • Optimised working area with 78 % more Z-travel for workpieces up to 800 mm in length and with a diameter of 430 mm: Machining of large workpieces due to small interfering contours of the compact milling spindle and the optional lower revolver
  • Up to 10 directly driven tools with speed of 10,000 rpm on the BMT® Revolver (Built-in Motor Turret)
  • Additional machining flexibility due to X-travel distance of up to 105 mm beneath the centre of the spindle
  • Maximum and constant accuracy without compensation by means of thermal control and roller guides for 50 % less backlash
  • Patented (pending) heat-symmetrical headstock cooling structure; cooling of all ball thread drives including nuts, turning and milling spindles of the B-axis and the BMT® Revolver; maximum precision, e.g. straightness to an accuracy of 2 µm in the Y-axis
  • Operate 4.5 with Siemens and also with FANUC 31iB from November onwards
  • Least space requirement in its class of just 9.9 m²

European premiere – i 50
New revolutionary concept for flexible and space-saving series production

With the i 50, DMG MORI has developed a horizontal centre for flexible and space-saving series manufacture that is both fascinating and revolutionary. The space requirement with travel distances of 500 x 550 x 500 mm is just 6.7 m2 – with a width of just 1.49 m. The new development is mainly designed for use in production systems in the automotive industry, particularly for the highly productive machining of cylinder blocks and cylinder heads. The i 50 was first presented at the grand opening in Tokyo.


The outstanding characteristic of this unique horizontal machining centre comes in the form of the Z-axis kinematics of the spindles, which is pending for patent. In this case, two precision guides arranged at an angle provide extremely stable cutting conditions. Another special feature are the guideways and feed drives which are arranged outside the working area, meaning that the temperature problem does not play a part and therefore maximum precision can easily be achieved, even during continuous operation. As far as the other characteristics are concerned, the i 50 is impressive because of the light weight of the moving masses in the linear axes. This provides a high degree of machine dynamics and provides extremely short chip-to-chip times. The covers are arranged such that chips fall out of the risk area through the machine bed without problems, and no interference with the process is expected as far as this is concerned.

Highlights of the i 50

  • Patented (pending) Z-axis spindle kinematics:
    • Maximum stability by means of 2 guideways arranged at an angle
    • Guideways are outside the chip flow
  • Low moving mass due to X / Y / Z travel distance of spindles
    • High machine dynamics for short chip-to-chip times
    • Optimum chip flow due to machine bed and steeply pitched covers
  • All feed drives arranged outside of the work area
    • No temperature influence for maximum accuracy
  • Low machine height for short loading times
  • Table variants with A and B kinematics

AMB highlight – manufacturing automation
DMG MORI Systems exhibits representative range of integrated manufacturing solutions

DMG MORI Systems is documenting its automation expertise in the engineering of technology, material flow and required periphery with a total of 7 production systems. From design to commissioning and long-term production reliability, a global 360° service portfolio is the guarantee of perfect solutions of any magnitude, in any quantity and for all requirements from extremely simple to highly complex. The customer expects machine-integrated automation systems, as well as systems for standard automation and flexible manufacturing cells. As a special highlight, the concept of a highly-integrated production line for automotive industry engine components will be on display.

For further information visit http://amb.dmgmori.com

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