Manz Hungary Kft case-study

Manz_EPLM_02-300x200With the assistance of the Enterprise Group we had an opportinuty to visit the hungarian subsidiary of Manz AG, a solar energy, display, and precision electronics company, the Manz Hungary Kft, where we saw how the services, provided by Enterprise Group, support the factory’s work. In the interview Attila Gyönyörű, the head of the Enterprise Group’s CAM product line, and Csaba Juhász, the production manager of Manz Hungary Kft. are talking about the implemented innovations and experiences with the used software.     [youtube]oj3lEoYS5Oc[/youtube] The german based Manz AG is one of the world’s leading high-tech appliance producing companies. Since its foundation, with a continuous developement of their automation solutions, they are able to install full production lines, manufacturing units in several countries in the world. The company provides solutions in 6 areas of technology: automation, laser processes, vacuum coating, printing, metrology and wet chemical processes. Besides the german center, Manz AG operates facilities in Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, China and Taiwan, and has commercial representatives in the US, South Korea and India. Manz_EPLM_03-300x200The hungarian subsidiary operates with 90 employees. The main profile of the factory in Debrecen is producing the components and substructures for automation and robotics. Their products and automation systems are made for companies producing solar cells, touch screen phones and lithium-ion batteries. The manufacturing process has been modified in 2010 according to a new approach. That modification included the rearrangement of the machines, the manufacturing systems and the reorganization of the production structure and the optimization process. They cooperated with the Solid Edge and the Edgecam support team, who gave software and technological assistance to reach their goal. The Manz Kft. uses Solid Edge, software of the Enterprise Group, since 2006, but the program provided significant innovative opportunities during the dvelopement process. They improved the utilization of the Edgecam software, released by the Enterprise Group’s PLM line, what helped to reduce the setting and non-productive time. As a part of the innovation, most of the part programing is done by an independent programmer team and the tool setting is managed by a separated group too. This solution significantly increased the productive time of the machines. Attila Gönyörű emphasized that another advantage of Edgecam is they can speed up the programing by using the similarities in workpieces. They can use the macros in Hungary without any difficluty even though they are created in the Manz factory in Germany. The shared database continued to reduce the time needed for programing the components and the workload of the programmers. Manz_EPLM_kiemelt-300x200The strategy manager of Edgecam provides a whole new repertory of possibilities, like automatic recognition of shape features and offering the relating tool settings and machining strategies. This method not only speeds up the developement of the technology, but also stbilizes the workflow, because independently from the programmer they can provide the right quality of manufacturing technologies and toolpaths for the machines. Manz Kft. supported this method by uploading all the available tools and the related data, so the software offers the most favorable parameters in any situation. Another advantage is that Edgecam can communicate with the tool setting machine and send the gathered data directly to the control panel. Csaba Juhász added, with using Edgecam they not only get access to the toolpaths, but the properly formed and securely applicable tooling and clamping system can be designed too, by using Solid Edge. He pointed out that solving the communication between the internal network and the single subunits strengthened the security and reduced the production time. Manz_EPLM_01-300x200By using and developing the software and communicational possibilities, and involving specialists from different areas, the production time of Manz Kft. decreased significantly. Csaba Juhász mentioned that the time needed for manufacturing a welded structure has changed from 16-18 hours to 2,5 hours. This is a result of using the new programming methods and the software crash tests, as among other things the programs can run with smaller tool retraction Thanks to the software support from the Enterprise Group, the Manz Kft. achieved a serious development and now they can compete with the Chinese sister company. Another important thing to mention, apart from the software assistance, is the nonstop hungarian product support by Enterprise Group, what played a key role in speeding up the manufacturing process and optimizing the production.

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