Unique: Latch in „U“ handle

Door latches plus „U“ handle – until recently, this function could be realised only by installing two separate elements. But Ganter now offers a smart and space-saving combination.

The GN 115.7 standard element is one of those innovations which comes up quietly and without much fuss, but one which makes practical construction life a great deal easier. Wherever the mechanical latching of a door, flap or service hatch also requires a stable handle, the new GN 115.7 element is the right choice.

latches with „u“-handle GN 115.7

latches with „u“-handle GN 115.7

The „U“ handle in ergonomic, plastic-coated zinc die-cast design rests on a cylindrical sub-construction on the latching side. This also houses the mechanical element which can be operated either with a trihedral or a square key, with a double-beard key or a slotted key. Ganter offers the latch keys under GN 119.2 which visually and ergonomically match the „U“ handle element. The unit is bolted onto the „U“ handle side from the rear.

The mechanical system guarantees a tight and vibration-free closing action, with the actual locking bar being compatible with door frames ranging from 4 to 50 mm thanks to the 22 spacing variants. Run-up chamfers at the locking bars make the closing action easier by turning the latch key by 90 degrees. Incidentally, this rotating range is not factory preset, instead, it is easily variable in four 90° positions by inserting a small plug-in part – also after installation, of course. As the position of the „U“ handle stays independent from the position of the locking bar, the whole standard element also stays independent from the attachment position or the striking side of the door.

Source OTTO Ganter GmbH & Co. KG