Mazak to Promote Perfect Productivity Combinations at IMTS 2014

MazakFrom innovative machining technology to digital manufacturing solutions to applications expertise, Mazak will help attendees find the perfect productivity combination for their part production needs.

Inside its booth Mazak will demonstrate 21 highly advanced machine tools cutting parts for industries that include aerospace, automotive, energy and medical. Among the machines that will be seen by the public for the first time include the HORIZONTAL CENTER UNIVERSAL 4000 and 5000, INTEGREX j-200S, INTEGREX e-1600-V10S, QUICK TURN UNIVERSAL 300 MY and QUICK TURN UNIVERSAL S-220 MY.

Perfect for job shops, the new high-value, highly productive HORIZONTAL CENTER UNIVERSAL 4000 machining center features a 15.75″ square pallet and can produce precision parts up to 25″ in diameter and 35″ high. The machine also meets various production requirements through a variety of options, including12,000 and 20,000-rpm spindle speeds; 40, 80 and 120-tool magazines; and either an NC-positioning or NC-rotary table.

IMTS2014_logoDesigned with high-volume, low-mix shops in mind, the new HORIZONTAL CENTER UNIVERSAL 5000 machining center comes with an excellent price-performance ratio. It features a 19.69″ square pallet and meets a variety of different production requirements through its various options, including 12,000 and 20,000-rpm spindle speeds; 40, 80 and 120-tool magazines; and either an NC-positioning or NC-rotary table.

Mazak designed the new INTEGREX j-200S Multi-Tasking machine to bring maximum value, precision and throughput to the production of complex medium-sized parts. It features a main 5,000-rpm turning spindle, 12,000-rpm milling spindle and a second turning spindle for Done-In-One® capabilities, meaning it can complete machining in single setups and improve overall part accuracy.

Following its IMTS debut, the new INTEGREX e-1600-V10S will take claim as the industry’s most advanced Multi-Tasking solution for processing large, heavy and complex workpieces. It completes all machining operations in a single setup, including turning, milling, boring, drilling and more, via a powerful turning spindle, tilting B-axis for 5-axis machining, either a high-speed or high-torque milling spindle and a wide selection of tool storage capacities.

Mazak_in_IMTS2012The new, highly versatile QUICK TURN UNIVERSAL 300 MY turning center with a 3″ bar capacity is perfect for job shops looking to cost effectively add advanced Multi-Tasking and automation into their operations. Featuring milling and Y-axis capabilities, the machine can process parts made from aluminum, steel, cast iron and alloys and more in single setups.

Through its turning, milling and off centerline machining capabilities, the new QUICK TURN UNIVERSAL S-220 MY brings amazing productivity and value to job shops by processing precision parts in single setups. Its headstock features an 8″ chuck and 2.5″ diameter bar capacity mounted on a 6,000-rpm turning spindle for highly effective metal removal.

Mazak will also pair several of the machines it has on display with different types of automation, including twin-pallet changers, gantry loaders, an articulated robot cell and the company’s exclusive PALLETECH Automation System, to show attendees how these add-on solutions easily boost productivity and profitability as well as provide a higher level of part consistency.

Furthermore, Mazak has made several advancements in large part production and will offer a series of multi-media presentations to spotlight the new machines – which are too big for the IMTS show floor – it has for this segment.

Among the digital manufacturing solutions the company will spotlight inside its booth include factory simulation software that helps manufacturers visualize how Mazak machine tools and the Mazak PALLETECH Automation System, when paired together in the right combination, can greatly streamline operations.

The MTConnect open-source, royalty-free manufacturing protocol will also be a hot topic inside the booth. Not only will booth visitors learn the basics of MTConnect and how it exists to set the standard communication method for retrieving data from manufacturing equipment, but also how Mazak actively supports MTConnect as a way to provide total manufacturing solutions. And using its Kentucky factory as an example, Mazak will show real-time monitoring of its manufacturing operations using the MTConnect open communications protocol inside its IMTS booth.

Lastly, 2014 marks Mazak’s 40th year of manufacturing in Florence, Kentucky, and the company is using IMTS as an opportunity to illustrate how it has continuously evolved and expanded its operations over the past four decades to support the ever-changing demands of its customers.

Source Yamazaki Mazak