Creep-Feed-, Profile- and HEDG-grinding with the MICRON machine range

They are space-saving, compact designed, combining rigidity and dynamic with high-precision accuracy. The machine type “Macro-S”, for example, has a width of only 1500mm but all the properties to perform efficient profile-grinding operations.



MICRON – machines are fitted with high-precision linear guides, ball screws and digital servo-drives on all axes. The modern Siemens 840D CNC machine control system allows free contour formation during grinding and dressing it can also interpolate up to five axes simultaneously. The MICRON machine-range is used in almost all sectors of industry for producing components. In the aerospace industry and energy production the machines are used, for instance, to precisely and economically grind blades for turbines, vanes and compressor parts. Profile- and Creep-feed-grinding is also an economical alternative to milling and is used industrial wide where profiles with high accuracy and surface quality have to be manufactured from the solid work piece.

Cutting depths up to 20mm and feeds of 500mm/min can be achieved depending on the application. High removal rates minimize thermal damage of the work piece and generate precision profiles with a surface quality down to Ra = 0,1.

Especially by machining of hardened materials and grinding procedures into the solid material, creep-feed-grinding can simplify the production procedure and the surface quality can be improved at the same time.

Pre-milling and a following deburring often be eliminated. Thus the whole production process can be shortened, simplified and more profitable.

Peter Wolters strengthens it’s position as a global player of high-precision machines and is able to deliver turn-key solutions for profile-grinding, inner- and outer diameter grinding, flat surface grinding and Deburring.

Source Peter Wolters GmbH