Strong build-up to O&S 2014 in Stuttgart

O&SlogoHannover/Stuttgart. O&S 2014 is shaping up nicely. The respected international trade fair for surface treatments and coatings is set to open in Stuttgart, Germany, on 24 June with slightly more leased exhibition space and about the same number of exhibitors as in its highly successful 2012 season. One of the exciting new developments this year is that O&S is being co-staged with the international parts2clean trade fair for the cleaning of industrial parts and surfaces. “The parallel staging will benefit the two shows’ exhibitors by giving them access to even more trade visitors from their target industries,” said Olaf Daebler, Deutsche Messe’s director in charge of O&S and parts2clean. “It’s also a plus for the visitors, as they’ll only have to make one trip instead of two and they’ll get to see the full range of surface technology solutions under one roof. That’s everything, from cleaning and pre-treatment to final surface finishing.” The two fairs are a perfect fit in terms of their thematic focus, with all participating exhibitors according high priority to energy- and resource-efficient processes and solutions that make sense both environmentally and commercially. O&S is aimed primarily at plant and mechanical engineering firms, the construction and automotive industries, the electrical engineering industry, and the foodstuffs and medical equipment industries.

O&S 2014 will feature 333 exhibitors from 19 nations and occupy 7,626 square meters of exhibition space. The last time it was held, in 2012, it had 329 exhibitors and a footprint of 7,489 square meters. This year, 74 – or 22.2 percent – of the 333 exhibitors will come from countries other than Germany. The biggest exhibiting nations apart from Germany are Italy, Switzerland, Austria and France. The show’s non-German exhibitors will in fact occupy a total of 909 square meters of display space, which is significantly up on 2012.

“The rise in leased exhibition space is due in part to the increased scope of participation by our international exhibitors, which is a very pleasing development,” Daebler said. “But it’s not all about quantitative growth; we also want to continually improve the quality of our O&S offering.” Among the qualitative initiatives is the revamp of the tried and proven O&S Forum, which this year for the first time will be supported by simultaneous German <->English interpreting of the lectures. The forum will for the first time also comprise morning sessions in addition to the usual afternoon sessions. The morning sessions are themed around the surface technology process chain. They will feature addresses by participants from the Surface Technologies Process Chain special presentation, which itself is a new addition to the O&S lineup, having replaced the Custom Coatings (contract finishing) showcase. The afternoon sessions of the O&S Forum are organized by the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Engineering and Automation (Fraunhofer IPA) and will address such themes as REACH authorizations, interactions between substrates and coatings, surface technology and energy efficiency, and business processes in surface technology.

O&S 2014 also includes an array of quality special presentations. For instance, the German Enamel Association pavilion, in its third season this year, will host a range of exhibits, including abrasion-resistant enamel surfaces, special enameled metals, fluorescent enameled products, and agitator parts and components for chemical plants. Then there’s the Surface Technology pavilion, where members of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) will showcase the latest liquid surface coating and shot peening solutions. The themes covered at the pavilion will center around boosting the efficiency of surface treatment processes, reducing the resource and energy consumption of surface finishing processes and using high-tech surfaces to make better products. Visitors should also look out for the Waste Water & Environment pavilion, which will feature a range of technology and service providers specializing in water treatment, waste water recycling, and waste disposal and filtration systems. And, of course, the O&S fair would not be complete without the World of Surface Treatment pavilion. Housed on more than 2,000 square meters (21,500 sq. ft.) of display space and organized by the German Surface Treatment Association (ZVO), the pavilion profiles all the latest trends and developments from the field of electroplating. Highlights include a new dye-free acid copper electroplating process that prevents edge build up and pore formation, a zinc lamella system for maximum corrosion protection, innovative layering systems, new single-piece galvanizing technologies, process management software for a range electroplating plants, high-performance cooling systems, candle filter assemblies for high-pressure processes, and innovative, new process meters.

Looking at the surface technology trade fair sector more generally, it’s safe to say that the organizer of O&S, Deutsche Messe, is a major player. With O&S, parts2clean and the HANNOVER MESSE fair’s SurfaceTechnology trade show, the company in fact owns three big-name brands in the sector. Daebler: “Our aim is to generate synergies between these three events. We deliver the O&S, parts2clean and SurfaceTechnology brands to their target markets via our trade fairs here in Germany and via shows we operate abroad.” O&S and SurfaceTechnology are both multidisciplinary events that take in a broad cross-section of the surface technology industry and are therefore held in alternate years. The parts2clean show, on the other hand, is held annually. Deutsche Messe’s next overseas trade fairs with surface technology content are Surface Technology INDIA, which runs from 10 to 13 December 2014 in New Delhi and includes a parts2clean pavilion, and Surface Treatment EURASIA, which runs from 12 to 15 February 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey, and likewise features a parts2clean pavilion.

O&S, parts2clean, LASYS, Automotive Expo 2014
O&S, the international trade fair for surface treatments and coatings, spans a wide range of surface technology disciplines, including electroplating, liquid surface coating, industrial plasma and laser surface treatment, heat treatment, custom coatings and analysis, and measuring and testing systems.

O&S 2014 will be staged alongside parts2clean and the LASYS and AUTOMOTIVE Expo shows at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center in southern Germany. As the international trade fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning, parts2clean brings together market and technology leaders from a wide range of sectors. The show’s theme areas include equipment, processes and process media; solutions for degreasing, cleaning, deburring and pre-treating components; parts baskets and work piece carriers; handling technology and process automation; cleanroom technology; corrosion protection, preservation and packaging; contract cleaning; and quality assurance, test methods and analysis procedures. LASYS, the international trade fair for system solutions in laser material processing, is targeted at users of all kinds of laser technology across all industries. AUTOMOTIVE Expo is a suite of shows dealing with various aspects of the automotive industry.

Source: Deutsche Messe AG