Mazak goes large with new multi-tasking machines for EMO

The INTEGREX e-800H II and the INTEGREX e-1250V/8II will be taking centre stage in the multi-tasking zone of Mazak’s stand, located in Hall 27 stand number C61.

The e-800H II is the largest machine in the INTEGREX e-H series, designed for the machining of large and heavy products. The machine is ideally suited to machine tool users in the oil and gas, aerospace and renewable energy sectors, for the machining of a wide range of components including large valves, landing gear and crank shafts.



The new INTEGREX has a maximum swing of 1,300mm and is capable of machining workpieces up to 15 tonnes. In addition it has one of the biggest Y-axis strokes of any machine in its class, capable of a stroke up to 800mm, along with a best-in-class NC steady-rest with capacity of 800mm ø.

The e-800H II is also ideally suited to the most complex machining applications, including deep hole boring, with the use of either a long boring bar (120x1500mm) or a super long boring bar (200x2000mm); seal contact surface machining of holes offset from the workpiece centre and complex shaping operations. In addition, the machine excels at cutting difficult materials and uses 14 MPa coolant for chip separation and enhancing tool life.

High accuracy and rigidity are guaranteed on all axes with the use of linear roller guides and an orthogonal structure. The highest levels of productivity can be achieved with the geared main spindle capable of 13,700Nm of torque and 14MPa of coolant pressure. Feed rates on the X- and Y-axes are 18m/min and 24m/min on the Z-axis.

The e-800H II is also equipped with a number of ergonomic features to aid set-up and operator safety, including internal and external steps to aid accessibility; two large glass windows in each door for better visibility; tilting and swivel operation on the control panel and LED lighting.

The e-800H II is equipped with the latest Mazatrol Matrix-2 conversational programming complete with a number of “Intelligent Functions” including, ISS safety shield, ITS thermal shield and IMS maintenance support.



The e-800H II is joined in the large multi-tasking zone by the INTEGREX e-1250V/8II which has been designed with a large machining envelope to make very large diameter complex parts, such as those typically found in the aerospace or power generation sectors. Most importantly, the machine has a Y-axis stroke of 1,250mm and is capable of machining a maximum workpiece diameter 1,450mm and a height of 1,395mm.

The new machine is the latest addition to the INTEGREX e-V series of machines offering the highest levels of performance and accuracy. The e-1250V/8II has been built with a highly rigid structure due to a newly designed main casting which as a result offers improved accuracy and performance.

In addition, the machine is equipped with a direct drive motor for C-axis turning offering higher speed and torque capacity. The machine is also equipped with a twin-pallet changer for enhanced productivity.

The e-1250V/8II is also equipped with a number of ergonomic features, including a large door for increased accessibility. In addition, the tool changer has been re-positioned next to the operator to reduce load to the operator by facilitating the loading and unloading at the magazine on the operator side. The e-1250V/8II also incorporates a 1,125mm top door for increased light into the machining area and a flat internal surface for easy chip disposal.

Source Yamazaki Mazak