Hinges with extra functions

Hinges are anything but low-interest products, considering that quite a bit more is expected of them in many applications than simply be the axis of rotation for flaps or doors. If doors are expected to engage at different opening angles, be fixable in any position, or require a variable operating force, it might be worth taking a look at the product range offered by Ganter, the market leader in standard machine elements.

Several hinges: GN 122.1, GN 122.2, GN 222, GN 151.2 sowie GN 233

Several hinges:
GN 122.1, GN 122.2, GN 222, GN 151.2 sowie GN 233

It features the GN 122.1 hinge model, for instance, made of glassfibre- reinforced polyoxymethylene (POM) which easily copes with operating temperatures as high as 80 °C. This element boasts four indexing positions at opening angles of 0°, 80°, 120° and 170° – with a release torque each of 1.1 Nm, incidentally also after 10,000 operating cycles. And the matching caps for the mounting bores are not only pleasant to look at, they also prevent dirt from accumulating in the mounting apertures. Naturally, the same hinge is also available without indexing function as GN 122.2.

If other opening angles are called for, GN 222 could be the solution: here, the indexing positions move between -90° and 115°, with the release torque of 3 Nm being somewhat higher and still fully present after tested 20,000 operating cycles.

Neither the release torque nor the indexing angle is always sufficiently large – this is where a highly individual fixing action using a camping lever would be the right choice. This is exactly what can be done with the GN 151.2, a black polyamide hinge which can be fixed quickly and safely in any position. The special feature: the clamping lever is freely movable when not operated. Only after being pushed down deliberately does its hub engage in a serration and transmit the torque needed for releasing / clamping the indexing position. This means a lower risk of inadvertent loosening and greater flexibility because the lever is easily moved into a favourable resting position.

Ganter has also fitted the GN 233 with an adjustable friction torque – although not via clamping lever but via preset using a setscrew. The black or white POM standard element keeps its selected friction torque even after 60,000 movement cycles. And these hinges are in the flammability category UL 94-HB.

Source OTTO Ganter GmbH & Co. KG