Turn & Mill complete machining with the new, ultra-compact turning-milling spindle

The CTX beta 800 TC from DMG MORI is the new addition to the successful CTX TC series. “For 219,900 €, on the one hand, the CTX beta 800 TC with its automatic tool changer offers our customers maximum flexibility in the classical turning of workpieces up to Ø 500 × 800 mm. On the other, the B-axis with the new turning-milling spindle enables complete machining with up to 5-axis simultaneous machining”, says Harry Junger, Managing Director of GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen GmbH, introducing the new machine. The core element is the B-axis with 200 mm stroke in the Y-axis which is equipped with the new ultra-compact turning-milling spindle. The compact design of the spindle with integral release cylinder for the tool changing, has a torque of 120 Nm with an unparalleled spindle length of just 350 mm. Compared with a conventional spindle, this results in a 170 mm larger work area with at the same, time having 20 % more torque.


The B-axis is equipped with a DirectDrive, which enables highly dynamic machining with a swivel range of ±110 ° with rapid traverse speeds of 70 rpm. To facilitate complex milling opera­tions right through to 5-axis simultaneous machining, the B-axis has a 12,000 rpm, 120 Nm, 22 kW HSK-A63 turning-milling spindle (Capto C6 as an option). A 20,000 rpm high-speed version is also available as an option. Harry Junger states the following with regard to the different expansion options: “Our high-tech module provides customers with the option of customising the machine individually to their range of parts. This includes different capacity tool magazines with a capacity of up to 80 pockets. Furthermore, the optionally available counter spindle enables 6-sided complete machining even for complex workpieces.” The tool magazine of the CTX beta 800 TC provides a capacity of 24 pockets as standard.

The sturdy travelling column design stems from the larger CTX beta 1250 TC and has long since demonstrated its quality and capability. Maximum stability and accuracy is achieved through the combination of direct measuring systems in all axes of the travelling column.

Ultra-compact turning-milling spindle with 120 Nm torque

The absolute highlight of the CTX beta 800 TC is the newly developed turning-milling spindle with a maximum speed of 12,000 rpm, or 20,000 rpm in the optional high-speed version. “The tool clamping system is integral, making the spindle 170 mm shorter than a comparable spindle. The work area therefore provides space for machining even large workpieces with a diameter of 500 mm and a length of up to 800 mm. Chuck-mounted components up to a length of 150 mm can also now be drilled all the way through – with a Z-axis of 750 mm (plus 95 mm for tool changing). However, the real stroke of genius with this design lies in the fact that the torque has additionally been increased by 20 % to 120 Nm,” enthuses Harry Junger, talking about the new spindle. A further distinguishing feature is the generously sized spindle bearing with 70 mm diameter and sleeve cooling for maximum temperature stability.

Complete machining with main and counter spindle up to 770 Nm

In the standard version, the machine has a main spindle, designed is a liquid-cooled integral spindle motor (ISM76) with 380 Nm and 34 kW or optionally as ISM102 with

770 Nm and 38 kW, and an NC-controlled tailstock. For 6-sided complete machining, the machine can also be equipped with a counter spindle instead of the tailstock. The ISM52 PLUS with 6,000 rpm and 170 Nm is provided for this purpose.

Chucks up to 400 mm diameter can be used on the machine in conjunction with the ISM102 spindle motor. The use of steady rests, which are available for workpieces up to a diameter of 200 mm, is recommended for machining long workpieces. The steady rest slide can be enhanced by an optional quick-change system with double-cone centring, which enables 50 % shorter setup times to be achieved with 3 µm repeatability.

While the CTX beta 800 TC is already impressive with its large work area, its advantages with regard to ergonomics, accessibility and space requirement are also remarkable.

With only 350 mm distance from the front of the machine to the spindle centre, the machine is ideal for ergonomic loading and unloading and requires a footprint of just 8.5 m² or 17.7 m² including chip conveyor.

Turn & Mill for the price of a universal lathe

The possible uses and the target industries for the new CTX beta 800 TC are manifold. The machine is mainly intended to address the classical user of a universal lathe, but is much more flexible due to the integral tool changer, as there is no need for time-consuming retooling on the turret with up to 80 tools. Furthermore, thanks to the B-axis, only low-cost standard tools are required for machining at an angle. The machine has a stroke in the Y-axis of ±100 mm, a facility which is not available on any universal lathe in this size category.

02-ctx-beta-800-tc“The attractive entry price of 219,900 € in particular makes the decision in favour of a Turn & Mill machine easy, as the theoretical additional cost is easily outweighed by the advantages of the machine”, argues Harry Junger.

However, the machine is also targeted at custo­mers who have already made the step towards Turn & Mill. The integral B-axis with DirectDrive has a continuous swivel range of ±110 ° even in the standard version. This makes even 5-axis simultaneous machining possible.

In conjunction with the B-axis, holes and sur­faces can be machined from any angle. Examples of areas of application include mechanical engi­neering components, chain wheels and turret disks, or fluid and hydraulic components such as such as pumps- and valve-housings or fittings.

Harry Junger explains: “We are repeatedly fascinated and impressed by the components our customers produce with our CTX TC series Turn & Mill machines. Many of the workpieces do not resemble the type of components you would generally see on a lathes, particularly when 5-axis simultaneous machining of free-form surfaces comes into play.”

25 % energy saving

To take account of the increasing energy prices, the new CTX beta 800 TC is equipped with a number of energy-saving features. For one thing, the machine has proven features such as low-friction bearings, regenerative drives or pressure accumulators in the hydraulic system. For another, switch-off of the sealing air when a work area door is open, the frequency-controlled hydraulic pump and the cooling unit with active cooling control ensure less energy consumption. Overall, these measures collectively reduce the machines energy consumption by more than 25 %.

CELOS from DMG MORI and exclusive technology cycles for up to 60 % time saving

The CTX beta 800 TC will be presented with CELOS with 21.5” ERGOline® and SIEMENS and will be available from May 2014. CELOS from DMG MORI simplifies and accelerates the process from the idea to the finished product. CELOS APPs provide the user with integrated management, documentation and visualisation of order, process and machine data. CELOS is compatible with PPS and ERP systems, can be networked with CAD / CAM applications and is ready for future-oriented CELOS APP extensions. As standard, the machine is equipped with Operate 4.5 on SIEMENS 840D solutionline including 19” ERGOline®.

Programming can be very easily carried out on the machine in conjunction with ShopTurn 3G (standard) for workshop-oriented programming. Complete flexibility between DIN and workshop-oriented programming is guaranteed by the DIN / ISO interface. A combination of ShopTurn cycles with DIN functions is also possible.

The possible applications of the CTX beta 800 TC are rounded off by 8 exclusive technology cycles which are available as an option. These enable up to 60 % programming time to be saved due to the ease of programming. Based on a simple, conversational entry of the required parameters, the machining functions, for example for off-centre turning and milling or special threads, are generated with the multi-threading cycle, without the need for CAD / CAM system. A tool selection cycle is also available, which minimises idle times by sorting tools in the chain magazine according to their programmed call sequence.

“The success of our Turn & Mill machines is also the result of simple and fast programming. In addition to the standard options provided by the Shop Turn 3 G controller, our exclusive technology cycles mentioned above also accelerate the process. This increasingly makes the CTX TC series a profitable alternative for a growing number of users compared to sequential machining on different machines”, Harry Junger believes.

CTX beta 800 TC in the new DMG MORI design

The new CTX beta 800 TC will be presented in the new, uniform design for more functionality, user friendliness and ability to hold its value. Large safety glass windows ensure maximum visibility into the work area and thus provide better monitoring of the manufacturing process. In addition, the windows can be removed from the outside, which facilitates easier removal when servicing is required. Moreover, the finely textured long-life surfaces in the working area of the housing is a new feature. The surfaces provide a higher scratch resistance and better protection against damage. The new DMG MORI design is available in “BLACK” or “WHITE” for increased individuality at no additional cost. A highlight of the new DMG MORI design is CELOS with ERGOline® and 21.5“ multi-touch screen and infinitely adjustable display and control panel for comfortable working. The SMARTkey® is also new for customised operator authorisation. This ensures indivi­dual access rights to the control system.

Highlights of the CTX beta 800 TC

  • Ultra-compact turning-milling spindle for minimum space requirement in work area and 20 % higher torque
  • 170 mm space gain thanks to the new B-axis: horizontal through-drilling or boring of 150 mm long workpieces
  • Turning-milling spindle with 12,000 rpm, 22 kW and 120 Nm, optional high-speed design with 20,000 rpm
  • Workpieces up to Ø 500 mm and 800 mm turning length on 8.5 m²
  • 6-sided complete machining thanks to main spindle up to 770 Nm* and 6,000 rpm counter spindle*
  • Spacious, transparent and easily accessible work area thanks to reach of only 350 mm to centre of spindle
  • Off-centre machining thanks to 200 mm stroke in Y-axis
  • Steady rests* up to 200 mm in diameter, chucks* up to 400 mm
  • High level of energy efficiency and precision
  • Direct position measuring systems in all linear axes
  • 24-tool disk magazine, 48 or 80-tool-pocket chain magazine*
  • Size 45 roller guides and 40-mm ballscrew drives
  • Exclusive technology cycles for up to 60 % time saving


Source en.dmgmori.com