New BevelJet 60 5 axis waterjet cutting head released

BevelJet 60

BevelJet 60

Water Jet Sweden are delighted to announce the launch our new Beveljet® 60 5 axis, waterjet cutting head as part of our Ultra High Pressure cutting program. At Water Jet Sweden our aim is simple; to build the very best waterjet cutting machines.

And we’re always developing new ways to make our waterjet cutting equipment even more advanced. With range of movements extended to +/- 400degrees in the C-Axis and +/-91deg in the B axis, the Beveljet® 60 offers uninterrupted processing of contours and corners right down to 60 degrees. Very fast processing is achieved with feed rates up to 10,000° per min / 166° per second to allow continuous precision 5 axis waterjet cutting.

WJS_LOG0Moving to fully digital drives allows nano interpolation with resolution of 13.1 million units per full revolution and complete 5-axis simultaneous synchronisation of the movement about the tool centre point.

Users of Water Jet Sweden cutting machines have long benefitted from absolute encoders, meaning that the machine does not need to be referenced. Importantly this means that in the case of a power failure etc, the position of the machine relative to the work-piece is never lost. This feature now extends to Beveljet® 60 and is a huge benefit to those aligning 5-axis work pieces.

As you would expect, the Beveljet® 60 has been designed to incorporate the latest technology in both 4000 and 6000 Bar waterjet cutting heads, as well as the KMT 6000 Bar water jet cutting head. The unique design of the new waterjet cutting head minimises both maintenance time and cost. It’s quicker and easier to change worn parts and ensure your get maximum uptime from your system.