New grinding machine LGG 180 delivers con-sistent high-volume production quality

“This machine gives users fast processing combined with the advantages of a one-table solution,” is how Dr.-Ing. Andreas Mehr, Grinding and Shaping Technology Development and Consultancy at Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH, describes the basic idea behind this solution.

Newly designed gear grinding machine LGG 180 for profile and generating grinding with palletizer

Newly designed gear grinding machine LGG 180 for profile and generating grinding with palletizer

To facilitate installation of production lines for a complete series, making optimum use of the available space, the machines for both 180 mm and 280 mm have the same external dimensions. “Vehicle manufacturers can thus develop a complete production line, in which all gearing components for a passenger vehicle transmission can be ground: planetary and sun gears, bore-type gears, as well as drive and pinion shafts with lengths of up to 500 mm. Choosing a one-table solution means one setting, one geometry,” Andreas Mehr says. The advantage is higher quality throughout the entire production. Every machined part is manufactured under the same conditions for the highest reproducibility. “A key argument in favour of the one-table solution is the statistical capability and reliability in continuously producing controlled µ-range finish quality,” Andreas Mehr emphasizes.

In order to minimise any thermal impacts, the machine bed has been manufactured using a thermally stable material. The core of the machine is the newly developed grinding head. Conventional solutions have been chosen here in several areas in order to be prepared for yet higher quality requirements. The new grinding head allows for rotation speeds up to 10,000 rpm and has spindle power of 35 kW. Given this performance data, the head enables high cutting speeds and high feed rates. This top-rate performance makes the machine future-proof. The new grinding machine can exploit the considerable potential of the innovative abrasive Cubitron II.

The machine will enable undulations to be applied specifically to gear wheel flanks for noise optimisation purposes for the first time. The ability to produce sub-µ range waviness cost-effectively gives designers a whole new range of optimisation options.

Source Liebherr Group