Mazak turns heads with new Quick Turn Nexus and Smart machines

The European built Quick Turn Nexus 350-II MSY is equipped with main and second spindles plus a Y-axis capability, which provides an efficient platform for the complete processing of larger components.

The highest productivity is guaranteed by a rigid integral main spindle and motor, capable of 4,000 rpm speed. The spindle power makes the machine capable of working across a wide range of applications from high speed and high accuracy machining of small diameter workpieces, to heavy duty cutting of aluminium and other non-ferrous materials.

Quick Turn Nexus 350-II MSY

Quick Turn Nexus 350-II MSY

In addition, the integral design main spindle uses no transmission gears or belts, which can cause vibration during machining, whilst the small number of parts in the headstock assembly offers the highest levels of reliability. The main spindle is complimented by a second spindle which has an optional C-axis.
The milling spindle is a rotary tool spindle for high power and productivity offering performance levels similar to a small machining centre, including powerful face milling and high speed drilling.

The Quick Turn Nexus 350-II MSY is also capable of rapid traverse rates in the X-, Y-, and Z-axes of 30,000mm/min and 555 rpm in the C-axis delivering enhanced productivity.
The machine is equipped with a fully automatic tool eye included as standard for quick measurement and set-up of tooling, in-cycle tool measurement to ensure that quick compensation can be applied, along with tool breakage detection and error-free setting.

The Quick Turn Nexus 350-II MSY is also equipped with a number of Intelligent Machine functions including Intelligent Thermal Shield and Intelligent Safety Shield; Mazak Voice Adviser offering verbal support to the machine operator during set-up and Intelligent Maintenance Support.

In the turning zone, the Quick Turn Nexus 350-II MSY will be joined by the new Quick Turn Smart 100M,  a new compact turning centre now equipped with a milling spindle.

This new compact machine is also equipped with a high rigidity integral motor spindle for optimum machining performance which ensures smooth and quiet operation over long periods. Milling spindle power has been increased from 1.5kW to 3.7kW and rapid traverse rates have been increased to 33m/min on the X-axis and 36m/min on the Y-axis.

In addition, linear roller guides on the X- and Z-axes provide higher rigidity, highly accurate positioning and lower friction for more efficient operation the Quick Turn Smart 100M is also equipped with a newly-designed NC tailstock which automatically positions and provides quick and easy set-up.  A bolt-on tool-holder also offers increased rigidity and performance.

The new machine is also extremely environmentally-friendly with minimum power consumption, stand-by mode for reduced electric power consumption, LED worklight and minimum lubrication consumption.

Other turning centres on display include a new large vertical turning centre, the MEGATURN NEXUS 1600M which is designed to efficiently machine large work pieces, and the QUICK TURN SMART 250 with ROBO SMART CELL. The Robo Smart cell is a low investment, plug and play design which can be easily integrated into existing production environments and is designed to provide a high productivity and flexible work-piece handling solution.

Source Yamazaki Mazak