High-Efficiency Production in the Smallest Spaces

Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH’s Rotary Loading System RLS offers cost-effective entry into high-efficiency production with one or two machines – delivering utilisation of more than 90 %.

Using the RLS to extend a machine’s running time makes investing in an additional machine completely redundant in certain cases. One or two machining centres can be docked to the system.

RLS by Liebherr: Entry into high-efficiency production

RLS by Liebherr: Entry into high-efficiency production

Up to 20 % lower costs per piece

For batch size 1 and above, the RLS unleashes considerable efficiency potential. The operator can use the machine’s running time to perform other production tasks; set-up costs thus do not enter into the machine costs/hour equation. The system is designed for workpiece weights of up to 800 kg (RLS 800) or 1,500 kg (RLS 1500) and dimensions up to 1,300 mm.

“The formula is simple,” Stefan Jehle, Sales Director Automation Systems at Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH, says: “Optimum machine utilisation and reduced staffing requirements result in decreased unit costs – up to 20 %.” So as a rule, the investment pays for itself in less than two years. Moreover, the system improves delivery capability and facilitates rapid, flexible responses to changes in customer demand.

The RLS is a cost-effective entry-level solution for users with very small batch sizes (batch size 1 and above) or small batch manufacturers. This solution is also designed to integrate existing machinery. The system can be adapted to accommodate older machines at relatively low cost.

Especially Suitable for Limited Spaces

RLS Rotary Loading System by Liebherr

RLS Rotary Loading System by Liebherr

The racks are designed with every specification in mind. Up to 24 storage locations on a minimal footprint ensure sufficient work-in-progress to by-pass an entire third shift – even with limited space.

The RLS retains its flexibility even after initial start-up. The rotary storage tower, which can be added later and is unique in the market, raises the number of storage locations on the smallest footprint. Stefan Sattelmayer, Sales Automation Systems at Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH, explains that “this flexibility allows the system to be easily upgraded – for more storage locations or a second machine – the tower creates space for up to 18 additional storage locations with only a minimally higher space requirement.” All components are already pre-configured to integrate any number of machine contours. If needed, the users can upgrade up to two storage towers.

Cell Controller for Simple Operation

The Production Control Software (PCS) is suitable for use by a broad range of machine manufacturers. The NC control of workpiece machining and tool management still functions using the usual control system directly at the machining centre. Like the entire system, the software is of modular design. Various add-on packages are coupled to the basic package. Liebherr can thus reliably action new applications.

Source Liebherr Group