Technological Knowledge as a Core Competency – Seminars provide advanced training options

To this end, Liebherr appoints highly-qualified specialists to provide clients in Germany and abroad with support – even on-site, if requested. “This enables us to place at least three specialists in each Liebherr technology at the disposal of clients worldwide. Our seminars are geared towards a wide range of employees; from machine operators to design engineers,” Dr.-Ing. Oliver Winkel, Head of Application Technology at Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH, explains.

Wide range of seminars

The technology workshops have a four-stage structure: overview, basics, advanced, and theory & practice.

The overview workshops impart the basics of gear technology and give an overview of the many different manufacturing processes. The seminars are held twice a year on specific dates in spring and autumn at Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH’s site, but can also take place at a client’s facilities on request. Participants only need to have basic technical knowledge. Basics seminars are technology-related and provide specific gear hobbing, shaping and grinding training.

Advanced seminars are geared towards advanced-level participants, who for example have taken part in an overview or basics seminar. These are provided above all to strengthen existing specialist knowledge about the respective technology.

The theory & practice workshops take an in-depth look at the topic, and participants’ know-how must extend far beyond the basics. The participants perform independent process analyses, for example based on wear and tear or quality assessments, and then discuss process improvement options with the application engineer. Oliver Winkel explains: “These theory and practice seminars include a theoretical component, yet focus on direct practical use of the machines.”

Increasing demand for seminars

In order to meet the increasing requirements for technological knowledge, Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH attaches a great deal of importance to the qualifications obtained by its experts. “Technological skills are one of our strengths and we are able to transfer this application know-how to our clients via our range of seminars,” Oliver Winkel emphasises. In this regard, it is important that clients are able to acquire professional advice and support they can rely on, for the long term. Consequently, qualified application engineers can generate process improvements together with clients, help with current problems, or provide support for the serial launch of new technologies.


On top of the extensive range of workshops, Liebherr offers a variety of training options, focusing on mechanics, electronics, maintenance and control.

Source Liebherr Group