Mazak combines lasers with machine tools at EMO 2013

Two laser cutting machines will be displayed in a special laser processing zone on Mazak’s stand, located in Hall 27 stand number C61, the OPTIPLEX 3015 Fiber II and the 3D FABRI GEAR 220II, alongside 20 machine tools from its range of over 240 models.

The OPTIPLEX 3015 Fiber II is the first laser cutter of its kind to be introduced by Mazak. The machine eliminates the laser gas used in conventional laser processing machines along with the gas for purging optical components. In addition, OPTIPLEX Fiber users will benefit from an 80 per cent reduction in oscillator and chiller unit electrical power consumption when laser cutting.

OPTIPLEX 3015 Fiber II

OPTIPLEX 3015 Fiber II

The machine is equipped with a 4.0kW continuous rated output fibre laser oscillator, which makes it ideal for the high speed cutting of thin worksheets. In tandem with its sister machine, the OPTIPLEX 3015, a CO2 laser cutting machine, it enables Mazak to offer energy efficient laser cutting solutions for both thick and thin materials.

The OPTIPLEX 3015 Fiber channels increased beam density and laser energy into the cut with a significantly shorter beam wavelength, approximately 90 per cent shorter than a CO2 laser beam wavelength.

The result is significantly faster penetration of thin material and the potential to increase productivity by more than 30 per cent. This also makes the new laser ideal for highly automated manufacturing environments, such as automotive and aerospace where it is capable of working seamlessly alongside machine tools.

Typically, many laser users operate with CO2 machines cutting both thick and thin workpieces. However, CO2 lasers are less efficient for the cutting of thin worksheets in comparison with a fibre laser cutting solution, which is able to perform high speed cutting with lower output.

The OPTIPLEX 3015 Fiber is capable of a rapid traverse rate of 120,000mm/min in the X- and Y- axes and 60,000mm/min in the Z-axis. In addition, the new fibre laser cutter is capable of exceptional positioning accuracy of ±0.05 / 500mm on the X- and Y-axis and ±0.01 / 100mm on the Z-axis.



Yamazaki Mazak is also giving its EMO debut to one of its largest laser cutting machines, the 3D FABRI GEAR 220 Mk II.

The 3D FABRI GEAR series has been specifically developed for high precision 3D laser cutting of complex or angled configurations of long pipe and structural materials. The laser cutter is equipped with a 3D torch which enables movement on five different axes, which ensures that the machine is capable of cutting both closed and open profiles.

The 3D torch delivers industry-leading levels of accuracy by cutting vertically to ensure that the metal tubes sit flush against each other with no gaps. This reduces the need for jigs to hold the cut metal in place prior to welding and reduces the amount of weld material, offering the benefit of faster weld times and greater strength from the weld. Mazak estimates that tube cut with the 3D FABRI GEAR can be welded and assembled twice as fast as conventionally cut tube.

The machine on the Mazak EMO stand will be the 2.5kW version which is capable of cutting a pipe length of 8m and requiring a floor space of 21m by 5.1m. The laser cutter is designed for the automated cutting of any shaped material, from round through to square, rectangular and triangular pipe. It is equipped with a four chuck system which prevents vibration and ensures highly accurate cutting. In addition, an auto-centring clamp enables fast set-up with no change in set-up from square to circular or triangular tube.

In addition, the 3D FABRI GEAR offers a Done-In-One solution with a tapping unit which can help generate significant reductions in process time by tapping in the same machine set-up as laser cutting.

The 3D FABRI GEAR is ideal for cutting long and heavy tube used in the construction industry, such as building structures, heating and ventilation systems, along with machinery applications including cranes and agricultural machinery.

Interestingly, the 3D FABRI GEAR has been used in a number of highly prestigious construction projects including the Yas Marina Formula One circuit in Abu Dhabi, the national football stadium in Gdansk, Poland and the Tokyo Sky Tree, which is the world’s tallest broadcast tower, opened in May 2012.

Source Yamazaki Mazak