High-performance cutting with a compact milling unit

 The TNX65/42 is one of the most successful modular machines in the product line of TRAUB Drehmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG. This highly productive and flexible turning/milling center has set standards in high-performance cutting. An extremely compact gear milling unit ensures extensive milling and turning capabilities.

TRAUB TNX65/42 with milling unit

with milling unit

The machine has a modular system design: it is equipped with identical main and counter spindles, two to four turrets, depending on the expansion level, each having ten tool stations; with the use of double tool holders, it can make available up to 80 tools.

Unique milling unit -   Simultaneous machining with 3 tools

Unique milling unit –
Simultaneous machining with 3 tools

The mountings with 30 mm diameter comply with DIN 69880 and allow precise and quick positioning of the tool holders through a patented system.

For the model with a milling unit, the kinematics of the basic machine remain the same, however, the added B-axis (swivel range +/- 95°) widens the range of machining capabilities significantly. The linear travel ranges of the milling unit are + 300 mm / – 40 mm in X, +/- 40 mm in Y, and 650 mm in Z. The practical extended X-axis allows moving up to 40 mm below the turning center point. The fluid-cooled milling unit with a HSK-A40 tool mounting has a maximum power of 10 kW, a maximum torque of 52 Nm, and a maximum speed of 12,000 rpm. The two-stage gear box has transmission ratios of 1 and 0.33. Further highlights are the internal coolant supply with up to 80 bar (optionally 120 bar) pressure, the clamping of the B-axis, the clamping of the spindle for turning tools, a measuring system for the HSK clamping situation, and a direct travel measuring system of the B-axis (rotary) and X-axis (glass scale). The two lower turrets can travel in the X-, Y- and Z-directions and can be engaged independently from each other. Thanks to the overall remarkable travel range of the milling unit of 650 mm in the Z-axis, the upper turrets are no longer necessary. The result is an enormous space increase in the working area and extremely short tool change times comparable to that of tool turrets. For example, chip-to-chip times of approximately 4 seconds could be achieved in the field. This fast tool change is the result of an intelligent shuttle solution in which various sub-processes are running in parallel. These sub-processes running at the same time, the tool preparation process independent from the machining process, reduce the time per piece substantially.

The modular system of the TNX65/42 with milling unit and magazine

The modular system of the TNX65/42 with milling unit and magazine

Additional benefits are: the large pool of tools ideally meeting a fundamental market demand for short setup times, the use of stationary and live tools, the high cutting volume per time unit, and the safe coolant supply also for internally cooled tools.

Tool magazine with 80 tool stations –   the tools are made available by a linear shuttle

Tool magazine with 80 tool stations –
the tools are made available by a linear shuttle

The turning/milling center TNX65/42 is designed for a wide range of applications up to a bar diameter of 65 mm. This innovative kinematic system allows machining of workpieces with lengths of approx. 300 m using up to three tools simultaneously and independently on either one of the two spindles. This free allocation of tool carriers to the two spindles ensures highest levels of productivity.

The TNX65/42 is controlled by the control release TX8i-s that is fully compatible with previous releases, like all TRAUB controls.



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