22 new machines at EMO prove that Mazak ‘Make it Better’

The new machines are being exhibited in seven machining zones situated on the stand alongside exhibits demonstrating Mazak’s viability to help customers obtain the best in speed, precision and performance from their machines and automation systems. Staff will be on hand from Mazak’s  13 Technology Centres around Europe, and the soon-to-be enlarged European Parts Centre in Leuven, Belgium.

The new machines represent the latest technology manufactured in seven different Mazak manufacturing plants across the world, all offering improved productivity, efficiency and ergonomics.

In the multi-tasking zone, four new VARIAXIS models will be demonstrated, including the new VARIAXIS i-700 T which is equipped with a turning function provided by the machine’s high rigidity tilting table construction which utilises an A-axis drive unit equipped with roller gear cam and C-axis drive unit with direct drive motor. The C-axis enables turning with the table at the 0-degree or 90-degree position.

The Mazak stand will also feature the VARIAXIS i-500, a high efficiency 5-axis machine designed to increase productivity with high speed rapid traverse rates of 56/60/60 m/min in the X-,Y- and Z-axes. It comes with Siemens SINUMERIK 840D sl control and can machine components up to ø500mm with an 18,000 rpm main milling spindle.

Alongside the VARIAXIS i-500, Mazak will exhibit a simultaneous 5-axis machining centre, the VARIAXIS j-600/5X, which is being described as an entry-level 5-axis multi-tasking machine with an accessible price; and its UK-made VARIAXIS j-500, offering simultaneous 4-axis machining plus A-axis for indexing, complete with ROBO JOB automation system.



Two of Mazak’s biggest ever machines from its flagship INTEGREX range, the INTEGREX e-800H II and the INTEGREX e-1250V/8II, dominate the multi-tasking zone. The e-800H II is the largest machine in the INTEGREX e-H series, designed for the machining of large and heavy products. The machine is ideally suited to machine tool users in the oil and gas, aerospace and renewable energy sectors, for the machining of a wide range of components including large valves, landing gear and crank shafts.

The INTEGREX e-1250V/8II is the latest addition to the INTEGREX e-V series of machines offering the highest levels of performance and accuracy. The machine has been designed with a large machining envelope to make very large diameter complex parts, such as those typically found in the aerospace or power generation sectors.

In the horizontal machining centre zone, two new machines have been specifically designed to offer machine tool users exceptional levels of productivity and accuracy. The MEGA 8800 is a super-high torque machine equipped with enough power to tackle all general machining applications and difficult to cut materials such as titanium.

Alongside it is the new HORIZONTAL CENTER NEXUS 4000-III complete with new compact 6 Pallet-Changer system designed to enhance performance, productivity, accuracy and reliability. The machine has the largest axis range in its class with an X-axis stroke of 630mm and a Y-axis and Z-axis stroke of 640mm.

In the vertical machining centre zone, Mazak will showcase the latest variant of its phenomenally successful VTC 800 series, the VTC 800/30SDR. The new machine is a simultaneous 5-axis vertical travelling column machining centre designed and built at Mazak’s European manufacturing plant in Worcester, UK, specifically for the demands of European customers.

The new SDR variant delivers the ideal solution for the efficient machining of critical components requiring the highest levels of accuracy and exceptional productivity, due to enhanced swarf management enabling extended continuous cutting without stoppage. Crucial in achieving the highest levels of accuracy is the use of synchronised dual rotary tables which are designed to avoid twist, ensuring consistent shape retention. In addition, cooled ball screws and spindles ensure consistent positioning accuracy.

Quick Turn Nexus 350-II MSY

Quick Turn Nexus 350-II MSY

In the turning zone, the star of the show is the European-built Quick Turn Nexus 350-II MSY, which is equipped with main and second spindles plus a Y-axis capability, a high productivity machine capable of processing larger components. Crucially, the 350-II MSY is the only machine in its class with driven tooling, a second spindle and a Y-axis.

Two laser cutting machines will be displayed in a special laser processing zone on Mazak’s stand, the OPTIPLEX 3015 Fiber II and the 3D FABRI GEAR 220II. The OPTIPLEX 3015 Fiber II is the first laser cutter of its kind to be introduced by Mazak, eliminating the use of laser gas and offering users an 80 per cent reduction in oscillator and chiller unit electrical power consumption when laser cutting.

The 3D FABRI GEAR series has been specifically developed for high precision 3D laser cutting of complex or angled configurations of long pipe and structural materials. The laser cutter is equipped with a 3D torch which enables movement on five different axes, which ensures that the machine is capable of cutting both closed and open profiles.

Throughout the stand, a number of machines are equipped with state-of-the-art automation solutions. In the multi-tasking zone, an INTEGREX i-100, is being exhibited with a BARTAC S bar feed for increased large bar capacity with no compromise on the footprint of the machine.

In the 5-axis zone, a VARIAXIS j-500 is equipped with an integrated conveyor and robot which also enables unmanned and lights-out running.

In the turning zone a Quick Turn Smart 250M has been fitted with Mazak’s Robo Smart Cell system, which is designed to provide a high productivity and flexible work-piece handling solution for the Quick Turn Smart, Quick Turn Nexus and Vertical CentER Smart range of turning and machining centres. In addition, three Mazak machines, the VTC 800/30SDR, INTEGREX e-500H II and the VARIAXIS i-500 multi-tasking machine are equipped with Siemens SINUMERIK 840D sl CNC control.

Marcus Burton, Group Managing Director Europe, for Yamazaki Mazak commented: “Our theme of ‘Make it Better’ demonstrates our commitment to helping customers become better, faster and more productive throughout the life of their machine.

“Our latest generation of machines, many of which are manufactured in Europe, are a clear demonstration of our ability to design machines for local markets and then support them, via our network of Technology Centres across Europe, our European Parts Centre in Leuven and through our spindle re-build service.”

He continued: “Europe remains a key market for Yamazaki Mazak and EMO is the highlight of the European machine tool calendar. We are delighted to be part of the show and to be exhibiting with such a strong portfolio of new machines.”

Source Yamazaki Mazak